I'm New
What questions can we answer for you?

We hope to answer the top questions you may have before attending the church for the first time.  Some commonly asked questions include:

  • What is it like?

Pentecostals of Williamston is a spirit-filled church with lively worship.  We seek to encounter God each and every time we assemble.  You will definitely be blessed and we encourage you to join us in worship!

  • What about my kids?

Families are important to us, and that means your children are too.  We endeavor to make our kids feel welcome and strive to make their worship experience one that they won't forget.  We want our children to develop a relationship with God even at their young age and up through their teens.  If they can develop a relationship with God now, we understand that they will be more likely to have a successful lifetime relationship with the Lord.

  • How can I get connected?

Pastor Nathan Bryan, would be happy to discuss your involvement at Pentecostals of Williamston.  Being connected is so important and we want you to feel engaged and become a part of our church family.  If you would like him to contact you, click here.